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Mutes and Blocks

If you don't like someone, you can mute them so they're no longer visible to you. Or, as a more powerful measure, you can block someone so they can't see your content or interact with you. The other person won't know that they are muted, but they will know that they are blocked.It is up to you to decide which one to use.


Mutes and blocks can be used together.


If there are any troublesome users who violate the terms of service, please consider reporting them to the administrator.

On Misskey Web, you can view the users you have muted or blocked by going to Settings > Mutes and Blocks.


When you mute a user, the following content about that user will no longer appear in Misskey:

  • Their notes on your timeline and search results (including replies and renotes from them)
  • Notifications from them
  • History of messages with them
  • etc.

To mute a user on Misskey Web, open the menu on the target user's page and press the "Mute" button.


The other person won't be notified that you've muted them, nor will they know that they've been muted.


Blocking a user prevents them from seeing your content and from taking any of the following actions against you:

  • Following you
  • Adding you to their user list
  • Replying to you, renoting you
  • Reacting, voting in surveys
  • Sending messages to you
  • etc.

In addition:

  • If the user is already following you when you block them, their follow will be removed.
  • If the user already has you on their user list when you block them, you will be removed from it.

To block a user on Misskey Web, open the menu on the target user's page and press the "Block" button.


The person will not be notified that you have blocked them, but they may be able to figure it out indirectly - as they will no longer be able to perform the actions listed above.


Your content will not be visible to the other user, but they may be able to if they switch accounts or log out.Please think of this as a simple and supplementary tool.