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Donating to the project


If you are interested in supporting (sponsoring) the project as a company, please click here.

Misskey is not a business, and stays free to use by receiving its earnings through donations from everyone. (Some servers may be like advertising revenue, but that is the income of the administrator and not directly goes to the developer.) Your donation will help us to continue development, and it is your contribution to the project. You can help us in the following ways:


If you plan to make a large donation (50,000 yen or more), please consider using Kyash or reach out to syuilo and we will provide you with a bank account.


The following returns are available depending on the amount of your donation:

  • 1,000 JPY or more: Exclusive "mi" badge in your account
  • 3,000 JPY or more: All of the above, plus your name in Misskey credits
  • 10,000 JPY or more: All of the above, plus your credit with your icon

The badge will not be applied automatically and you will not automatically appear in Misskey credit, so if you would like to receive the privilege, please send a request to @[email protected] with proof of your donation.

(If you don't receive a response after some time, please tag us again as we may be overwhelmed with many inquiries. Also, please note that we may not reach you from server other than

In addition to this, server administrators are also generally speaking not earning revenue. As operating a server costs money, please also consider supporting your server's administrator. This does not have a direct relation to the development of Misskey, but the existence of servers is what makes up the project, meaning the continued existence of servers is just about as important as that of the project itself.