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Announcements are one of the features available in Misskey.

Using the announcement feature, you can post server-wide announcements to users, as well as send messages from the server to individual users.



  • Create an announcement with the "Existing Users Only" option enabled
  • Create an announcement with the "do not notify" option enabled
  • Archive closed announcements.

Display format

You can select from the following types of display formats.

  • Normal ... Announcements will be posted on the Announcements page.
  • Banner ... In addition to appearing on the announcements page a banner will appear at the top of the user's screen.
  • Dialog ... お知らせ一覧ページへの掲載に加えて、クライアント起動時にモーダル ダイアログとして表示されます。
    • It is recommended that you proceed with caution when there are two or more dialog-type announcements at the same time, as they are very likely to adversely affect the UX.

Creating Announcements