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Deck is one of the available UIs.It features the ability to create highly customizable and dense UIs by displaying multiple views side by side called "columns."
In addition, when notes or profiles are displayed on the page, if a main column is added then their contents will be displayed inside it.

Adding columns

Columns can be added by right-clicking on the deck background and selecting "Add Column."

Moving columns

Columns can have move by swapping with other columns via drag and drop, as well as through the column menu, shown from right-clicking the column header.

Splitting columns

Columns can be arranged not only horizontally but also vertically. Open the column menu and select "Stack to the left" to move the current column below the left column. To undo the split, select "Dock on the right."

Column settings

Column settings can be edited by selecting "Edit" from the column menu.Columns can be renamed and their widths can be changed.

Deck settings

Deck settings can be changed at settings/deck.