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Creating a Misskey Server

Thank you for your interest in creating a Misskey server. There are several ways to create a server, so please choose one below and read the corresponding guide.


Do not recreate the database with the domain/hostname of the server once you have started using it!


Do not minify the JavaScript again as it has already been minified, Cloudflare also does not interpret the latest JavaScript correctly and would end up destroying the code inside causing Misskey to not work properly.

See misskey-dev/misskey#9791 for more information.


If you change the source code of Misskey (including forking), AGPLv3 license requires you to disclose those changes. Please refer to this document for more information.

Installation on Xserver VPS

Xserver VPS provides a Misskey application image making it easy to set up a Misskey server.

For more information, see "Using the Misskey Image".

List of Installation Methods