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Building Misskey using Docker Compose

This guide explains how to set up Misskey using Docker


Do not recreate the database with the domain/hostname of the server once you have started using it!

  • Make sure Docker and Docker Compose are installed on your system.

Clone the Repository

git clone -b master
cd misskey
git checkout master



cp .config/docker_example.yml .config/default.yml
cp .config/docker_example.env .config/docker.env
cp ./docker-compose_example.yml ./docker-compose.yml

Please edit default.yml and docker.env file as per the description.
Also edit docker-compose.yml as needed.(If you want to change the port etc.)
Please make sure to check in advance for any changes that may be required.(ポートを変更したい場合など)

Build & Initialize

The next set of commands will build Misskey image and perform database initialization. This will take some time.

sudo docker compose build
sudo docker compose run --rm web pnpm run init


お疲れ様でした。You can launch Misskey with the following command.

sudo docker compose up -d


Updating Misskey


Updates are always available in the release notes.

git stash
git checkout master
git pull
git submodule update --init
git stash pop
sudo docker compose build
sudo docker compose stop && sudo docker compose up -d

It may take time depending on the update content and the size of the database.

How to execute CLI commands?

sudo docker compose run --rm web node packages/backend/built/tools/foo bar