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Drive is a feature to manage the files you have uploaded to Misskey.


Technically speaking, all files are centrally managed on Misskey's system, and the interface that exposes them to users can be thought of as a drive.

In addition to being able to upload any file from Misskey Web's Drive page, images set as avatars and files attached to notes will all be uploaded to Drive.

Not only can files uploaded to Drive be downloaded at any time, but they can also be reused by selecting "Attach Files from Drive" when creating notes.

In addition, folders can be created within Drive to organize multiple files together.


Currently, when you delete a file from Drive, all the content (notes, pages, etc.) it was attached to also disappears.

Sensitive (NSFW)

Sensitive or NSFW (Not safe for work) is a flag that can be set on files in Drive. Files that are flagged as sensitive will not be displayed without interaction from the viewer. This flag is used, for instance, to mark images that are considered inappropriate for viewing at work or in public places, and to prevent them from being displayed suddenly.

This flag can be manually turned on or off, as well as set at the discretion of moderators.