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read:accountView your account information
write:accountEdit your account information
read:blocksView your list of blocked users
write:blocksEdit your list of blocked users
read:driveAccess your Drive files and folders
write:driveEdit or delete your Drive files and folders
read:favoritesView your list of favorites
write:favoritesEdit your list of favorites
read:followingView information on who you follow
write:followingFollow or unfollow other accounts
read:messagingView your chats
write:messagingCompose or delete chat messages
read:mutesView your list of muted users
write:mutesEdit your list of muted users
write:notesCompose or delete notes
read:notificationsView your notifications
write:notificationsManage your notifications
read:reactionsView your reactions
write:reactionsEdit your reactions
write:votesAdd Vote
read:pagesView your Pages
write:pagesEdit or delete your Pages
write:page-likesEdit list of liked Pages
read:page-likesView list of liked Pages
read:user-groupsView your user groups
write:user-groupsEdit or delete your user groups
read:channelsView your channels
write:channelsEdit your channels
read:galleryView your gallery
write:galleryEdit your gallery
read:gallery-likesView your list of liked gallery posts
write:gallery-likesEdit your list of liked gallery posts
read:flashView Play
write:flashEdit Plays
read:flash-likesView list of liked Plays
write:flash-likesEdit list of liked Plays
read:admin:abuse-user-reportsView user reports
write:admin:delete-accountDelete user account
write:admin:delete-all-files-of-a-userDelete all files of a user
read:admin:index-statsView database index stats
read:admin:table-statsView database table stats
read:admin:user-ipsView user IP addresses
read:admin:metaView instance metadata
write:admin:reset-passwordReset user password
write:admin:resolve-abuse-user-reportResolve user report
write:admin:send-emailSend email
read:admin:server-infoView server info
read:admin:show-moderation-logView moderation log
read:admin:show-userView private user info
read:admin:show-usersView private user info
write:admin:suspend-userSuspend user
write:admin:unset-user-avatarRemove user avatar
write:admin:unset-user-bannerRemove user banner
write:admin:unsuspend-userUnsuspend user
write:admin:metaManage instance metadata
write:admin:user-noteManage moderation note
write:admin:rolesManage roles
read:admin:rolesView roles
write:admin:relaysManage relays
read:admin:relaysView relays
write:admin:invite-codesManage invite codes
read:admin:invite-codesView invite codes
write:admin:announcementsManage announcements
read:admin:announcementsView announcements
write:admin:avatar-decorationsManage avatar decorations
read:admin:avatar-decorationsView avatar decorations
write:admin:federationManage federation
write:admin:accountManage user account
read:admin:accountView user account
write:admin:emojiManage emoji
read:admin:emojiView emoji
write:admin:queueManage job queue
read:admin:queueView job queue info
write:admin:promoManage promoted notes
write:admin:driveManage user drive
read:admin:driveView user drive info
write:admin:adManage ads
read:admin:adView ads
write:invite-codesCreate invite codes
read:invite-codesGet invite codes
write:clip-favoriteManage favorited clips
read:clip-favoriteView favorited clips
read:federationGet federation info
write:report-abuseReport violation